St John’s Anglican Church at Bannockburn recently embarked on an awe inspiring journey to Lake Eyre.

It was simply amazing, the 20 people who took part in the trip, enjoyed a well organised, brilliant, awe inspiring trip.

The country side after the rain is transformed, just as when we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Lake is the fullest it has been since the 70’s. We even saw a river, usually a sandy creek bed, flowing with water and teeming with fish.

Our Tour Operator said she had never witnessed this amazing scene in the years she has been taking tourist around..


We were truly blessed and inspired by the trip, the scenery, the history of our early pioneers. We delighted in each others company and enjoyed devotions and prayers each evening.

Despite the long drive, we all felt renewed and enriched by our trip.

Lake Eyre


Vicar: The Rev’d Elizabeth Bufton 0437 524 865